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Koi Pond Health

Caring for your pond is a relaxing hobby for many. Pond maintenance is different depending on the season and your location. It is important to

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UV For Air Sterilization

UV is commonly known to be used for disinfection of water, surfaces and air. There are different types of UV used for the cleanliness of

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Illness Prevention

Hand washing is the best prevention of unwanted bacteria and infection from spreading from item to item and person to person (CDC, 2020). Lately, we

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The BLUE Planet

It is true that over 70% of our planet’s surface is covered with water. We all learned about the Water Cycle in elementary school… Did

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Coffee for Water?

 Best Water for Coffee Do you use regular tap water to brew your coffee in the morning? Have you tried the filtered water from your

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Pool Water Safety

Let’s jump into it! Owning a pool is fun! Yet maintaining your pool can be difficult to keep up with. Although it may be hard

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Well, WEll, WELL Water?

What Do You Know About Wells? Clean and safe drinking water is still to this day a socially economical hurdle for many countries around the

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Elevating Water Quality