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Agricultural water usage & waste

You probably have not thought about how much water animal agriculture consumes and wastes. Livestock water includes drinking water for animals, dairy operation, wash down

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Water Reuse

What is Water Reuse?Commonly referred to as water recycling, is the process of reclaiming water from several sources such as stormwater, municipal wastewater and agricultural

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Nutrient Pollution

What is Nutrient Pollution? Nutrient Pollution is the cause of excess Phosphorus and Nitrogen in the air we breathe and the water around us. These

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Dynamic Room Air Sterilizer

UV is a strong dependable method to eliminate germs, mites, parasites and viruses. At Aqua Ultraviolet, we are well known for our UV sterilizers for

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Harvesting Rainwater

Basic Water BackgroundWe all learned the basic water cycle when we were younger. The process in which water is naturally moved from the ground or

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Did you know that around the world, only about 10% of plastic products end up being recycled? Many people around the world have safe tap

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