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Interesting Reads - Keeping You Informed

The History of AQUACULTURE

What is AquaCulture? AquaCulture is most commonly referred to as Fish Farming which is the harvesting of aquatic creatures such as fish, crustaceans and seaweed.

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Lead poisoning can occur in different ways. The most common being inhalation, ingestion, and absorption. After exposure, lead is stored in the bones, organs and

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Cotton Conscious

Cotton has been a crop harvested for thousands of years and only in 1793 did a man named Eli Whitney invent the Cotton Gin, a

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Frog / Fish Item of the Week

Ponds, natural or man-made, have become an increasingly popular environment for fish farming and raising aquatic life. There are several benefits both to the environment

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What is Agricultural water? Agricultural water is water that is used to grow crops such as fruits and vegetables as well as bring up livestock

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AquaUV → THC

Whether you have been growing for years or are new to the growing culture, water filtration is important and styles are changing as knowledge spreads

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The Plastic Facts

We all have seen the alarming amounts of plastic that litter our oceans and lands surrounding the globe that have increased the amount of harm

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Elevating Water Quality