UV Sterilization For Indoor Grow Houses

UV sterilizers use a powerful UV light to destroy bacteria and microorganisms in water without the use of chemicals, sterilizing the water, and improving overall water quality. UV sterilization is a fantastic alternative to chemical treatments, particularly for indoor grow houses and hydroponics facilities.

With UV sterilization, you can provide high-quality, contaminant-free water to all of your plants – whether you’re growing using hydroponics, or using a more traditional soil-based approach.

Benefits of UV Sterilization for Indoor Grow Houses & Hydroponics


A UV sterilizer for hydroponics and indoor grow houses provides a wide variety of advantages, particularly when compared to other methods of water treatment. These include:

  • A chemical-free environment – With a UV sterilizer for hydroponics, you can treat your water without additional chemicals. This is better for your plants, and is particularly beneficial if you’re growing organic produce and have eco-friendly values.
  • Destroy disease-causing pathogens – Disease is a common issue in hydroponics and indoor grow house facilities, since the close quarters of the plants allow diseases to spread rapidly. With UV sterilizers, most disease-causing pathogens can be destroyed entirely.
  • Eliminate all microorganisms & biological pollutants – Beyond disease-causing pathogens, UV sterilization for hydroponics and indoor grow houses also helps destroy viruses, mold, fungi, and other pollutants that could affect your products.
  • Improve overall longevity and health – Healthier water means healthier plants, so you’ll be able to boost overall plant health, quality, and longevity.
  • Control algae – Algae is a particularly tough issue in hydroponics grow rooms, since it can build up and cling to surfaces tightly. UV sterilization helps eliminate and control algae.
  • Improve food safety – If you’re growing food for human consumption, UV sterilization can help eliminate potential pathogens like e. Coli, improving food safety for your products.

With a UV sterilizer for hydroponics, you can improve plant health, eliminate disease, and so much more – it’s the best option for indoor grow house sterilization. Click here to browse our products and learn more.

Why Choose Aqua Ultraviolet For UV Sterilization?

 At Aqua Ultraviolet, we have years of experience developing high-quality sterilization products for grow houses, aquaculture, pools and ponds, aquariums, and more – and we use cutting-edge technology to provide our customers with the best products.

Our products are EPA-certified, and we’re the first UV sterilization manufacturer to receive EPA certification on our products – so you can trust in the quality, reliability, and effectiveness of our UV sterilizers for hydroponics.

Contact Us For More Information About UV Sterilization For Indoor Grow Houses

If you’d like to get started with UV sterilization for hydroponics or grow houses, but you’re not sure where to start or which UV sterilizer may be right for your facility, the team at Aqua Ultraviolet is here to help.

Contact us online to speak to an expert and get the assistance you need while selecting a UV sterilizer for your facility. We’ll assist you throughout the entire process, and ensure you get the product that’s right for your own unique needs.

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