aqua uv product spotlight


Purified Water Bowl

Refillable Unlimited Filtered Ultra System

Safe, clean, and contaminant-free water for your dog in a self-refilling bowl – the R.U.F.U.S. Dog Bowl System.  The best quality water available for your beloved pet.

AquaUV_RUFUS_Dog Bowl_Metal_Black
- Patent Pending -
Viper UV Sterilization
The compact body design has a small footprint making it easy to handle, install and maintain. Vipers are engineered to accommodate extreme flow rates. A provided flow switch shuts the unit off if flows fall below 95 GPM.
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Ultima II Filtration
To support aquatic life whether at an aquaculture facility, backyard pond or large aquarium system it is essential to remove both ammonia and accumulated debris. The most efficient way to accomplish this is by installing an Ultima II biomechanical filter.
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Life Plus Filteration System
Constructed of 316 Stainless Steel that is Electro-polished and passivated. Aqua Ultraviolet Drinking Water UV’s can easily be retrofitted to the incoming water line of your home or business.
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