Aqua Ultraviolet’s Ultima II pond filter is an advanced bio-mechanical filter designed specifically for extreme loads and elevated rates. It features our patented cyclonic backwash system that will do all the dirty work for you – just set the value to backwash and rinse, and the filter’s internal jets do it all. These filters are seeded with bacteria that convert dissolved toxic nitrogenous waste like ammonia into compounds that won’t harm aquatic life and work like a centrifuge.

Ultima II pond UV filters help create an environment that better supports aquatic life by removing ammonia and accumulated debris from the water fish live and swim in. They’re essential for aquaculture facilities, large aquarium systems, and residential or commercial ponds, and they’ll work with any pump.

Here, you’ll find our selection of Ultima II filters, each able to accommodate different flow rates depending on your Ultima II model. Explore your options and get the right Ultima II pond filter for your needs at Aqua Ultraviolet today!

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