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UV sterilizers are a versatile technology used for disinfecting water, other opaque liquids, hard surfaces and air. Using the same germicidal rays as the sun, but hundreds of times stronger UV offers a reliable, cost effective, environmentally friendly alternative to chemicals and their resulting bi-products. UV Sterilization is a purely physical process not a chemical one so it doesn’t alter water’s chemistry, taste, smell or pH.

Aqua Ultraviolet manufactures UV sterilizers for medical facilities, pharmaceutical production, municipal reclaimed water, aquaculture and drinking water. We also produce a full range of units for residential and commercial aquariums, swimming pools and ponds. As an innovator in the industry our designs result in a maximized UV dosage allowing for equipment with a smaller footprint that efficiently treat higher flow rates.

From our menu choose the Industry that you are interested in for products and information specifically for that environment.

Advantage Series

The Advantage Series is ideal for small ponds, aquariums, and water features. Advantage UVs are slim, lightweight units designed for maximum UV effectiveness.

Classic Series

The Classic Series UVs are ideal for ponds, aquariums, and water features. The Classic’s rugged design maximizes UV effectiveness and has features that allow for quick installation and easy maintenance.


The Statuary UVs are attractive additions to the landscape of any small pond or water feature. The Fish and Frog are easy to retrofit simply by connecting to a submersible pump, the UV treats the water as it flows through the statuary body and the spitter returns the water in a steady steam to your water feature.

SL Series

The SL Series UV’s are ideal for large commercial or residential ponds, aquariums, and water features. SL’s are engineered to accommodate high flow rates and varying water temperatures. The single chamber design is easy to handle, install and maintain.

Viper Series

The Viper Series UV’s are ideal for large commercial or residential ponds, aquariums, and water features. The specially designed 4 inch 400 Watt lamps disinfect faster and have greater cell penetration capability. The compact body design has a small footprint making it easy to handle, install and maintain.

Skimmer UV

The Skimmer Series UV’s are the perfect retrofit for Savio Skimmers.

Drinking Water

UV sterilization is a proven technology for safely controlling, bacteria, viruses along with reducing common water treatment chemicals like chlorine. Aqua Ultraviolet Drinking Water UV’s can easily be retrofitted to the incoming water line of your home or business.

Swimming Pools & Spas

Aqua Ultraviolet offers a full line of UV Sterilizer to treat residential and commercial pools and spas.  UV is a proven method to kill bacteria and viruses reducing the volume and cost of chlorine or bromine by 75%.


Ozone is highly effective in removing color, organics and pesticides. UV’s germicidal rays destroy single celled organisms.
This combination is an economical natural and non-polluting solution.

Stainless Steel Units

The Stainless Steel Series UVs are ideal for ponds, aquariums, and water features. These units are constructed of 316 Stainless Steel electro-polished and passivated.