Life Depends On Water – This Is Our Most Valuable Resource

Aqua Ultraviolet is a UV sterilizer and filter manufacturer for aquaculture, drinking water, aquariums, greenhouse growing, and recreational water facilities such as pools and ponds.

It’s no secret that life depends on water, and that’s true now more than ever. As more and more discarded plastics are taking over our precious oceans and waterways, it’s up to us to take action and provide access to technology that will help to preserve, clean, and protect that water for the future.

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Experience a Difference in Your Water

Over Four Decades Building Lasting Relationships



Cleaning Water for Over 4 Decades

Whether you’re the proud new owner of a koi pond or simply want your family to experience fresh, clean drinking water, Aqua Ultraviolet is here to help. With over thirty years in the industry, Aqua Ultraviolet is a highly respected UV water sterilizer product company servicing several markets including aquariums, aquaculture, pools and spas, home water purification, and more.

All our products are manufactured for premium quality within our factories in Temecula, California, where each one is designed, created, and thoroughly tested to ensure it meets our high standards. Our centralized manufacturing facility also allows us to engineer and customize product designs for our customers to fit any application.





Keeping the Environment in Mind

As important as it is for humans to have access to clean drinking water, at Aqua Ultraviolet we also strive to keep our environmental impact to a minimum. When you choose a UV sterilizer over a chemical sterilizer, you’re choosing to help the environment. Ultraviolet sterilizers make it possible to decrease the need to use chemicals in the water purification process and as a result, produce very little waste.

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UV Light Sanitation for Clean Water

What’s better than having fresh, clean, sanitized water? Having it consistently while knowing that your ultraviolet sterilizer has a Limited Lifetime Warranty. That’s right — all of Aqua Ultraviolet’s products come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty! So browse our online store to find a UV sterilizer that’s right for you and whatever body of water you need it for.