Cultivation with The Help of Greenhouse UV Light

UV Disinfection does not add anything to the Watering Systems within a Greenhouse Environment.


Crop irrigation in the greenhouse growing industries continues to BOOM!

As new technological advances and the escalating need for fresh food products and now the booming cannabis industry continues to climb so does the need for finding safer and more cost-effective water filtration solutions such as UV light for greenhouses.

Water is a key component of successful crops whether you’re growing the traditional way or with hydroponic water filter systems, but also accounts for the expensive loss that can occur to these crops if it is not regulated correctly.

Greenhouse UV light in greenhouses is key, it is easy to install or retrofit into an existing system, and requires much less time than other filtration methods. 

This versatile technology has also been proven to be very effective in eliminating mold, so a new application is now starting to be used by marijuana “grow houses” in States permitted to cultivate, harvest, and sell marijuana. You probably never considered mold in your weed as a problem from a legal grow house since they are all closely managed and regulated. However, since many of these commercial farms are indoors mold is now a recognized problem with commercial grow houses.

Greenhouse UV Light Sterilization is – 

  • Fast
  • Effective
  • Efficient
  • Economical
  • Environmentally Friendly

UV has conventionally been used to treat water that is clear & fresh, but it can also be used to effectively disinfect non-conventional water sources like hydroponic filtering systems.

Aqua Ultraviolet Greenhouse UV Light systems:

Producers around the globe are looking to rely on UV to provide microbial-free, pure water and ingredients, which help protect the crop and deliver a quality product to the consumer.

Effective use of greenhouse UV light located at strategic points in the process can protect the overall integrity of the end product, and lower maintenance costs by decreasing the microbial load.

Greenhouse Environment Resources

Quick Fact – Using ultraviolet light, or UV has been utilized in medical treatment for the prevention and treatment of disease as far back as the late 19th century. Researchers first realized the benefits when they experimented with UV light in patients with lupus and sepsis. UV light is still used for medical treatment but found its real niche is being used in multiple types of applications for disinfection and purification of air and water.

Aqua Ultraviolet Greenhouse UV Light Hydroponics Solutions

UV Applications in Grow Houses

There are pros and cons to utilizing UV light hydroponics in greenhouse applications and there may be a need to replace some trace elements back into the water after processing.  However, as the highlighted pro’s below show, the UV disinfection process is indicative of a much Safer and environmentally friendly water sterilization process.

  • Saving on Pesticide Sprays
  • Improved Crop Quality
  • No Residue on the Crops
  • Less Stress for the Crops
  • Ensuring a Healthy Environment for Greenhouse Workers
  • Biological Control Agents are Not Harmed

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