UV Water Purification for Ponds in Great Britain

There are approximately three million garden ponds in Great Britain alone, and at Aqua Ultraviolet, we manufacture numerous products such as our UV light for pond algae that help our customers achieve clean, fresh water for a variety of applications from ponds and swimming pools to drinking water and aquaculture tanks. Our focus is on sustainable water filtration and purification, and our solutions are intended to assist and support both residential and commercial ponds alike.

What Is Ultraviolet (UV) Water Purification?

UV water purification uses ultraviolet light to destroy and eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi, microorganisms, and other contaminants that would otherwise create unhealthy living conditions for pond inhabitants. As pond water is filtered, it passes beneath a UV light where UVA and UVB rays subject these contaminants to harsh conditions and break down their DNA. There are no chemicals, solvents, or additives used – only UV light, and the water that remains is safe, clean, and free from harmful organisms that would otherwise be detrimental to the success of your pond.
UV Light For Pond Algae

Benefits of Using UV Light for Pond Algae

Algae growth is a common problem in many ponds, but staying on top of it can make a big difference if you have fish or other aquatic life living inside. Sterilizing the water that passes through your filtration system prevents algae growth and leaves your pond clean and clear instead of green and murky. When combined with a physical filter to remove unwanted minerals, sediments, and general debris, your pond can look (and smell) beautiful with minimal maintenance and fewer (if not zero) chemicals.

Purchase a UV Light for Pond Algae in Great Britain from Aqua Ultraviolet

Our presence in Great Britain is growing with more customers choosing to keep their ponds clean the natural way, and our products are designed to fit in seamlessly with your existing configuration. Browse products online including our UV light for pond algae and order now to keep your garden pond clean and fresh for years to come.