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Utilizing UV Sterilization Into Your Fish Farming Facilities

Thanks to high demand for fish and the continued improvement in the quality of fish farmed in aquaculture facilities, fish farming (aquaculture) is growing quickly, and is expected to become a $376 billion industry by 2025.

But with new growth comes new challenges, which is why many fish farmers are now beginning to utilize UV sterilization. Utilizing UV sterilization into your farming facilities can help protect the aquatic environments of fish eggs, juvenile fish, and fully-grown adult fish before they are harvested.

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What is Pool Winterization?Winterizing is the process of preparing your pond and pool equipment, Ultraviolet Light Sterilizer and Filter system for the freezing winter weather.

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Recycling & Water Usage

“Do you recycle?” Sounds like a pretty straight forward question. The reality is that 9 out of 10 people say they would if it were

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Restoration of Oyster Reefs

Oyster Reefs around the world have been subjected to environmental mismanagement as a result of overfishing in bays, fisheries and estuaries for food, luxury items

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Agricultural water usage & waste

You probably have not thought about how much water animal agriculture consumes and wastes. Livestock water includes drinking water for animals, dairy operation, wash down

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Water Reuse

What is Water Reuse?Commonly referred to as water recycling, is the process of reclaiming water from several sources such as stormwater, municipal wastewater and agricultural

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Nutrient Pollution

What is Nutrient Pollution?Nutrient Pollution is the cause of excess Phosphorus and Nitrogen in the air we breathe and the water around us. These elements,

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Elevating Water Quality