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Aqua UV Water Filtration Systems for Home, Work & Play

Water for personal use goes further than drinking!

Disease concerns found in water supplies all around the world elevate the need for better water purification processes, especially in our homes, businesses, and recreation. (boats, RV’s)

Bottled water became actively available by the early 1980’s with plastic bottled water going mainstream by the late 1980’s. In the years that followed trillions of bottles of water have been sold, enough to get to the moon and back.  As with most things newly discovered, there comes a time when we find out, maybe it wasn’t such a great idea?

Plastic Water Bottles are one of the most widely spread discarded plastics in the world, heavily integrated in the formation of the plastic fields now circumnavigating the oceans.

The availability of filtration to obtain safe, clean and healthy drinking water has also been around for many years, in fact, human beings have been coming up with unique water filtration methods for centuries, so why did we choose plastic water bottles over filtered water from our taps. Begin to curb your family’s use of disposable plastic water bottles with Aqua Ultraviolet’s drinking water filtration system for your home. 

Aging infrastructure in many cities can lead to an increase in possible contamination. Ultraviolet technology can give peace of mind, knowing that you’re protected from many of the culprits of water contamination. A UV water purification system effectively destroys 99.9% of waterborne microorganisms. In this section, we explore the advantages and disadvantages of ultraviolet, the parts of a UV system, and frequently asked questions about UV water purification.

Cost, Application, Availability and even just the Unknown, are All key factors into why, filtration is still not widely utilized in Households, Businesses and Recreation Vehicles and Centers around the world.  But the times are changing!

There are many excellent Aqua UV drinking water filtration systems for homes and buildings on the market.  Finding one that does the complete job that is a little harder.

Water scarcity is also a major player in this arena and so ensuring you have the best quality filtration systems for the available water is of extreme importance.

More Municipal Water Suppliers perform the necessary operations to meet water quality standards. But UV purification systems take your water to the highest level – providing safe solutions against chlorine-resistant microorganisms such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium which cause thousands of documented health cases each year.


Life Plus Systems and Aqua Ultraviolet UV are actively utilized in:

  • Residential
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Recreational Vehicles (Boats, RV’s)
  • Schools
  • Shelters
  • Vets/Boarding Kennels
  • Resorts
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes

To name a few.

Stop filling 5 Gallon Jugs with water at the local water dispensary.  With UV drinking water filtration systems for homes and buildings and/or Life Plus you will never have to fill another jug, buy another plastic water bottle, nor worry about the quality of the water from your faucets.

Drinking Water Filtration Systems for Homes & Buildings

Aqua Ultraviolet has over four decades of experience in manufacturing UV Systems to provide custom solutions to a wide variety of applications.

Ultraviolet (UV) light is a form of light that is invisible to the human eye.  It occupies the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum between x-rays and visible light.  A unique characteristic of UV light is that a specific range of its wavelengths, those between 200 and 300 nanometers (billionths of a meter), are categorized as germicidal – meaning they are capable of inactivating microorganisms, such as those listed below.

The Advantages of Using Drinking Water Filtration Systems for Homes and Buildings are many:

Effective – Destroys 99.99% of microorganisms

Chemical Free – No harmful chemicals need to be added

Environmentally Friendly – Go Green! UV is environmentally friendly

Reliable – Works 24/7 keeping your water safe

Cost-Effective – Only lamp and sleeve replaced annually

Quick Process – Water flows through the system without the need for holding tank or reaction times

Safe – No chemicals

Low Energy Use – Low electrical needs

Water Conservation – No waste in the process

FDA Approved – One of only 4 methods approved for disinfection by the US Food & Drug Administration

Taste and Odor – Does not produce byproducts

When combined with an Aqua Ultraviolet Life Plus Home Water Filtration System, your home or business can go from having one safe water outlet, to every water outlet being protected.

Safe water not just to drink, but for bathing, washing, cooking, even washing your pet.

Aqua Ultraviolet Drinking Water Filtration Systems

Contaminants UV Addresses

Typhoid Fever
Infectious Hepatitis

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