Australia UV Water Purification System

Across the world, nations are looking to cut down on water consumption and utilize technology to help with water reuse. In Australia, water development programs have led to a need for better purification solutions to enable enhanced management of water without sacrificing safety, quality, or taste. One solution that is becoming ever more popular is the use of ultraviolet sanitizers. These UV water purification systems come with a lot of benefits both to human and animal health as well as aid in environmental sustainability and are ideal for those looking for cleaner solutions.

What Is Ultraviolet (UV) Water Filtration?

Ultraviolet sanitizers use UV light to destroy microscopic bacteria and other contaminants that pollute our water. Harmful organisms, viruses, fungi, salmonella, and more can be killed off using the power of UV light without leaving behind any residues or unwanted chemicals. Whether for residential drinking water, aquariums, and swimming pools, or for more demanding municipal, industrial and commercial purposes, a UV water purification system is one of the safest ways to enjoy clean, fresh water.

UV Water Purification System

What Needs to be Filtered Out of Water?

To properly filter and sterilize water, our systems are often used in conjunction with physical filter systems so that all contaminants can be removed. Our UV water purification system handles microorganisms, viruses, and bacteria, while a physical filter removes calcium, magnesium, and other mineral deposits. Now, embracing ultraviolet sanitizers doesn’t always mean that you can forego the use of chemicals such as chlorine, but it does mean that fewer chemicals are required to achieve clean water. This is a significant benefit for those who are more sensitive to chemicals like chlorine and who may be prone to developing skin irritations, headaches, or other commonly associated ailments.

Choose Aqua Ultraviolet for Your Australian UV Water Purification System

Aqua Ultraviolet is expanding across the globe with a mission to bring cleaner water purification solutions to every nation, including Australia. Browse our UV products for both water and air to start living a healthier life.