Irrigation UV
Ozone Combo

MSRP: $893.50 - $1136.95 USD
MSRP: $893.50 - $1136.95 USD

Clear-Line Irrigation UV / Ozone Combo

Microorganisms, such as algae, bacteria, and fungi can grow in drip lines and cause clogging problems.

The Clear-Line UV water treatment purification system draws ozone and air from the UV unit and injects it into the water line. The scrubbing bubbles keep the drip line free of algae and bacteria preventing clogging.

The Clear Line UV water sterilizer system saves you time. There is no need to locate clogs, clear or replace line, drip emitters, micro sprinklers or misters.

When clogs are eliminated water is spread uniformly over the plant material resulting in a better yield.