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In the USA, drinking water is standardized and regulated by the EPA to ensure the supplied water is ranked amongst the highest quality in the world. Even with this regulation, contamination is still everywhere leading to diseases and illness caused by waterborne germs. For instance, we hear about E-Coli outbreaks in the US alone induce 265,000 illnesses and around100 deaths per year (NCDHHS, p.1, 2019). Many American families have taken it upon themselves to provide extra precautions to protect themselves from other pollutants and even to improve the taste of their home drinking water through home water filters. Water filtration systems “remove impurities from water by means of a physical barrier, chemical, and/or biological process” (CDC, P.1, 2015).


Community tap water is filtered through a few different steps. This process starts with “coagulation and flocculation” where positively charged chemicals are added to the water and bind to dirt and other particles that have a negative charge. When the two bind together, the charge is neutralized and they “form a larger particle that is called a floc” (CDC, P.1, 2015). The weight of the floc sinks the particles to the bottom called “sedimentation”. After the floc settles, the “clear water on top will pass through filters of varying compositions (sand, gravel, and charcoal) and pore sizes” (CDC, P.1, 2015). to remove dust, viruses, bacteria and other harmful contaminants. After this filtration process, a common disinfectant such as Chlorine is added to kill any parasites, bacteria and viruses left over and to protect water when it is hooked up to our home pipes. 


Aqua Ultraviolet has been the leading manufacturer of water filters and UV systems for ponds, pools and drinking water for over 30 years! Introducing our new and improved line of Drinking Water Filters, the Life Plus Filtration Systems. Our Life Plus systems are made with premium grade AISI 304 stainless steel and comes in the standard size or compact size which will fit easily under most sinks. The first filter is the Carbon filter that eliminates taste and odor which applies to organic compounds, chemicals like Chlorine, pesticides and herbicides. The second filter your home water will pass through is the Fluoride filter which will rid traces of Fluoride, bacteria, mold, algae, protozoa and other viruses which have been proven to be linked with detrimental health effects.  The final filter is our Sediment filter which ensures the removal of dirt, rust and other sediments found in the ground. Each filter can be purchased individually or as a three-step system with all three filters to enjoy the quality of your water at home!

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