Cooking with Filtered Water

If you cook with fresh vegetables or eat fresh fruit, you most likely rinse them with water as step number 1 in preparation. If you think about it, water is used in almost every stage of cooking, from boiling water for pasta, or washing the dishes at the end of a family meal. The hardness or softness of your water can determine the outcome of taste and visible appearance of your food and drinks. In addition, common contaminants such as Chlorine that are found in supplied municipal water can affect the color and taste of foods.

Hard VS. Soft Water

You may have heard the terms “hard” or “soft” used to describe water in your home, like water used for showering or to run your dishwasher. Hard water contains many minerals such as calcium and magnesium. While these minerals are not harmful to your health, they wreak havoc on areas in your home such as kitchens and bathrooms leaving behind residue and water spots. If you shower in hard water, your skin may become dry and leave you red and itchy (Oram, p.1, 2014). Soft water contains few or no dissolved minerals that you would find in hard water. Water softening is achieved by a process called “ion exchange” where ultimately the dissolved chemicals, like calcium and magnesium, found in the water are exchanged for sodium ions and the water is then free of impurities. Using a water softener can benefit you and your household with cleaner sinks and faucets, less soap scum and stains, smoother skin and hair, minimize the buildup in your dishwasher and other appliances which will last longer and work better and result in clearer pipes with less corrosive buildup. (Healthline, p.1, 2019).

Unfiltered Water Can Affect Different Foods/Drinks

– Boiling water: Water requires more time to boil. – Rice, noodles and beans: Noodles and rice may take the taste of the water, some rice and beans may lose color due to the minerals in the water. – Mixing lemonade and juices: These refreshments are not steeped, but mixed with cold water and can affect taste. – Bread: Minerals prevent absorption of water through proteins in the bread and can slow the rising process.

Why Cook with Filtered Water?

Tap water is monitored by the EPA but many minerals and chemicals lurk in your water supply from water treatment and leach from your pipes during transport of this water to your home or place of work, etc. Chlorine is commonly found in tap water across the nation and can affect the taste and smell of food that uses water in preparation or cooking, such as pasta or rice that absorbs a lot of water in the cooking process. Heat is used to kill bacteria in many circumstances, but that is not always the end result as there are certain requirements that must be met first like the temperature of the water and how long the food is cooked for. Using filtered water can add peace of mind for clean, healthy water you use every day for preparing drinks and foods. If you use water from a municipal facility, the water is regulated by the EPA but has plenty of opportunities to pick up harmful contaminants from your pipes and is thus contaminated when coming out of your faucets. If your water supply comes from a well, it is your responsibility to make sure the water meets the requirements for safe drinking water.

How Can You Get Filtered Water for Your House? 

Aqua Ultraviolet’s Life Plus Systems are made with premium grade AISI 304/306 stainless steel and comes in a standard size or compact size which will fit easily under most sinks. The first filter is the Carbon filter that eliminates taste and odor which applies to organic compounds, chemicals like Chlorine, pesticides and herbicides. The second filter your home water will pass through is the Fluoride filter which will rid traces of Fluoride, bacteria, mold, algae, protozoa and other viruses which have been proven to be linked with detrimental health effects.  The final filter is our Sediment filter which ensures the removal of dirt, rust and other sediments found in the ground. Each filter can be purchased individually or as a three-step system with all three filters to enjoy the quality of your water at home! You can order our Life Plus System by giving us a call at (800) 454-2725 and ask to speak to a sales representative! What Makes Aqua Ultraviolet different is
  • No Minimum Order Requirements
  • Most Items Ship Within 24 Hours
  • Live Technical Support directly from our office.
  • We manufacture our patented products from our California location.
  • We directly handle warranty issues for you.
  • Unmatched filter performance.
  • Small and Large units for Ponds, Pool and Spa use, as well.
  • We offer unparalleled fresh drinking water products.
  • Installation videos and manuals are on our website.
  • Complete UV line, including a compact 400 Watt unit for larger installations.
  • All UV’s have a blue cap that indicates the lamp is operating.
  • Wipers available to keep quartz clean and optimize germicidal effectiveness.
  • We have the longest lamp life on the market, 14 months.
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