Stainless Steel 25 Watt Drinking Water Units


Elevate your home’s water safety with our Stainless Steel 25-watt Drinking Water Unit, a premium solution to ensure your family’s health and peace of mind. Unlike conventional filters, this state-of-the-art sterilizer seamlessly integrates into your home’s water line, providing a powerful barrier against bacteria and pathogens without altering the water’s chemical composition or removing essential minerals.

It’s ideal for households looking to safeguard against microbial contaminants, ensuring every sip is as safe as it is refreshing. This system is perfect for those who prioritize purity in their drinking water but do not require chemical filtration. For homes in need of both chemical filtration and UV sterilization, we recommend exploring our Life Plus unit.

However, if your primary concern is neutralizing bacteria and ensuring the microbiological safety of your drinking water, our Stainless Steel 25-watt Drinking Water Unit is the optimal choice. Visit our series overview and store pages to discover how our products can be integrated into residential and business settings, offering a versatile solution for every water purification need. Invest in your health today with Aqua Ultraviolet – where clean water is a way of life.

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  • 316 Stainless Steel Electro-polished and Passivated
  • Retrofits into Any Existing System

Available Stainless Steel 25 Watt Drinking Water Units:

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(PN: A00411) Stainless Steel, 25 Watt Unit, 3/4″
(PN: A00413) Stainless Steel, 25 Watt Unit, 1″
(PN: A00417) Stainless Steel, 25 Watt Unit, 2″

Aqua Ultraviolet offers many different wattage options for drinking water filtration systems. Shop Aqua UV for all your Drinking Water UV Sterilizer needs!


Dimensions: 19-3/8” x 4-1/2” x 6-1/4”
Dimensions with Wiper: 21-3/8” x 5” x 6-1/4”
Wiper Clearance: 8"

Number of Lamps


120 Volt Amp Draw


Max Flow Rate

6-8 GPM