Rubber Seals

The rubber seal parts you’ll find on this page are designed specifically for units in our Viper series and the quartz sleeves that house UV lamp assemblies used in other UV sterilizer product lines. While small, these parts play a very important role in holding a system in place and ensuring it is waterproof. Without these seals and o-rings properly installed, you run the risk of parts of your UV sterilization system coming loose or chaffing against one another, which increases the risk of breaks. They’re especially crucial for UV lamp assemblies because they safely hold the UV bulb in place, ensuring no UV light escapes.
These parts might be small, but they have very important jobs to do in your UV sterilization system. That’s why all rubber seal parts from Aqua Ultraviolet are just as high-quality as the UV sterilizing products they are part of. Get the type of rubber seal you need from us today!

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