Rubber Seals


A waterproof rubber gasket like these rubber seals provides exceptional sealing properties. While small, they perform a crucial task – ensuring that no UV light from a sterilizer leaks out and damages users or any biological material in the body of water that it should not. Some sterilizers also require a rubber seal to prevent water from leaking from the unit.

Waterproof rubber gaskets from Aqua Ultraviolet are available for Quartz Sleeves, products in the SL Series, and select Plastic Viper and Stainless Steal units and are intended to be replacement parts for the waterproof rubber o ring these UV sterilizers come with upon purchase. This rubber o ring will experience some wear and tear over time, or it can simply go missing in some cases. With replacements on hand, you can easily switch out a beat-up rubber seal for a new one or replace one you can’t seem to find.

When replacing the UV lamp or bulb, we recommend replacing the waterproof rubber gasket with one of these seals. Never run your sterilizing unit without the proper seals in place to avoid unnecessary exposure to UV light.

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Available Rubber Seals:

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(PN: A40004) Rubber Seal for Quartz Sleeve, Purple
(PN: A40006) Rubber Seal for SL and 2”, 3” Plastic Viper Units
(PN: A40016) Rubber Seal for Plastic Viper 4” and Above Units
(PN: A40015) Bushing / O-Ring for Q.S. for SL, Viper and Stainless Steel Units