Drinking Water Sterilizers

Aqua Ultraviolet’s stainless steel drinking water sterilizers are ideal for homes, offices, businesses, hospitals, hotels, schools, and a variety of other places that provide water for personal use. UV light sterilization for drinking water is effective, environmentally friendly, reliable, and cost effective.

Products like our stainless steel UV light sterilization for drinking water effectively sanitize and remove 99.9% of microorganisms and other contaminants in water naturally with UV light. There are no potentially harmful chemicals added to the water, making it safer to drink and more environmentally friendly. The lack of chemicals also means that this inline UV sterilizer for drinking water won’t affect the taste or smell of the water. These units are also low maintenance because the lamp is the only thing you’ll need to replace (on a yearly basis), and this will add up to some very big savings. Installation is easy, and these stainless steel units can be retrofitted to any existing system.

An inline UV sterilizer for drinking water can be used for more than just the water in your kitchen sink. In addition to drinking, the potable water our UV sterilizers sanitize can be used for bathing, washing, cleaning, cooking, and more. Order a stainless steel UV sterilizer today!

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