The Importance of UV Water Filters in Remote and Off-Grid Locations

As more people choose to live in remote areas or go off-grid, the ability to turn local water sources into clean, drinkable water is becoming increasingly important. Unfortunately, many springs or well water sources will not completely sterilize by traditional methods such as using sediment filtering or boiling water. Here’s where UV sterilizers and filters can help with off-grid water purification.

Why Off-Grid Water Purification Is a Must

Water is the most essential feature of off-grid living. You need it to hydrate your family, animals, and crops. Any drinking water from natural sources and wells, in particular, must be purified. They often contain unwanted sediments, minerals, and pathogens that can make a person very ill. Becoming ill from tainted water can especially be a problem if you live far away from a doctor or medical facility, which is why finding an off-grid water filter system is critical.

The Best Off-Grid Water Purification Systems

A UV sterilizer is the best water purification system for off-grid homes or remote living. They are portable or easy to install, do not put a strain on power sources like generators and solar batteries, and efficiently purify water — whether it comes from a spring, a well, or rain — so that it is safe to consume.

How Does UV Water Sterilization Work?

In a UV system, a special lamp emits ultraviolet light. The latter destroys the DNA or RNA of single-celled organisms, making it a dependable way to clear water of harmful levels of algae, bacteria, and protozoa without leaving any residue. This solution makes water clean and safe for human and animal consumption.

Do I Need Filtration Before Purification?

As critical as UV sterilizers are, most do not double as filters and you will need to add a filter to your system separately. When setting up your line, filter your water to remove all sediments before treating it with UV light.

Or you can purchase a UV filter system for off-grid water purification that handles both filtering and purification. These products can remove unwanted particles and destroy harmful organisms.

One example is the Life Plus Filtration System, which is compact and designed to filter your drinking water, removing dirt, rust, and sediments. It also has a carbon filter that removes pesticides, chlorine, radon, odors, and other harmful compounds. UV sterilization also ensures the destruction of all pathogens, viruses, and bacteria.

Aqua Ultraviolet Drinking Water Sterilizers

As a leader in off-grid water purification systems, Aqua Ultraviolet offers several water sterilizers that can purify different degrees of gallons per minute. When selecting a UV sterilizer, choose a unit with a flow rate greater than your tank’s total volume.

Below is an overview of our three most popular purifiers and their flow rate:

Stay Self-Sufficient, Stay Safe

An off-grid water filter system is a must when you live in a remote area where power outages could last longer than in a city or if you live disconnected from the grid’s power and water supply.

Investing in a UV sterilizer or a UV sterilizer filter is one of the best decisions you can make to ensure that the water source you rely on remains safe for your family to drink.

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