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Mobile Aquatic Therapy

Earlier this week, we learned that aquariums have a positive effect on human health from studies done over the last several years. From increasing general

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Most people probably don’t think about the quality of water on the airlines they fly with. On the other hand, if you are an experienced

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E. Coli Exposure

E. coli is a tricky bacteria because you cannot smell or taste it in your water. Unfortunately, E. coli O157:H7 is a common contaminant found

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Fish aquariums are popular in many households as they are great for people with allergies to other household pets such as cats and dogs. Caring

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Cannabis vs Opioids

The medical dictionary defines Opioid as the following- “Opioid: 1. A synthetic narcotic that resembles the naturally occurring opiates. 2. Any substance that binds to or

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Water Fluoridation

Fluoride in our Public Water Chances are, if you are hooked up to a public water supply, you are drinking water that contains Fluoride. This

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Types of AquaCulture

How does Aquaculture work?  There are quite a few different ways to raise fish. Did you know that in the near future close to all

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Elevating Water Quality