Using a Commercial Water Filtration System in Salmon Farming

Back in the 1960s, salmon farming wasn’t nearly as commonplace as it is today, with most of these aquaculture setups operating on a more experimental level. But over the past 60+ years, the industry has changed, and today salmon farming now accounts for 70% of all the salmon produced around the world. As the first year of the 3-year farming cycle takes place in freshwater tanks, many salmon aquaculture businesses are looking for ways to improve the quality of their yield by using a commercial water filtration system to ensure that the salmon have a clean environment in which to thrive.

The Future of Salmon Farming

The practices used in the 1960s vary greatly from today, but there is still room for improvement to help make salmon farming more environmentally sustainable. For many farmers, this means using fewer chemicals in their water treatment process and relying instead on modern innovation to help create suitable living conditions for salmon during their initial freshwater experience. For many, this means installing components that can remove contaminants and help to improve water quality without the need for excess chemicals. This is where a commercial water filtration system comes into play.

How a Commercial Water Filtration System Can Help

A commercial water filtration system such as Aqua Ultraviolet’s SL Series or Viper SL Professional Series uses an ultraviolet (UV) lamp to sterilize water as it passes through the pump system. When the water reaches the tank, it is free from any bacteria, viruses, harmful organisms, and other contaminants that are detrimental to the health and wellbeing of salmon. UV light also helps to reduce algae growth and doesn’t leave any harmful residuals behind. This is because ultraviolet light alters the DNA or RNA of many single-celled organisms, effectively destroying them. Used in combination with other physical filters, the water in salmon tanks can be clean and clear, ready to accept fresh salmon during the initial growing process.

Benefits of UV Light Over Chemical Treatments

Keeping aquaculture tanks clean is no small task, and chemicals are sometimes necessary to ensure the water contains the correct properties for life inside to mature. But UV light brings a host of benefits: the most prominent being that fewer chemicals are required to keep water in the tanks fresh and stable. Cutting down on chemical use and using UV light to destroy harmful microorganisms is a powerful step that ensures higher quality salmon can be produced without added cost, too, and there is no negative impact on the pH levels.

Why Choose Aqua Ultraviolet?

At Aqua Ultraviolet we specialize in commercial water treatment using UV light, and we have developed robust product lines to help give salmon farmers the tools they need to grow high yields of healthy salmon. Each product is designed for smooth integration into your existing setup and, once installed, will continue to keep the water clean and free from contaminants. We believe that water is our most valuable resource, and whether you’re farming salmon or mussels, maintaining your swimming pool or pond, or have a desire for clean, clear drinking water for your home or business, our products will help you achieve your goals without adding anything to your water. To learn more about how a commercial water filtration system can help your salmon farming efforts, check out our available systems today and start improving the way that your operation produces healthy and delicious salmon.

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