How Safe is a UV Light Water Purifier?

For many years consumers have strived to live healthier, eat healthier, and use products that are better for their bodies. So, where does UV light fit in? Should you be using a UV light water purifier for your household water? It’s understandable that many consumers may be skeptical about the safety of using UV light in their water purification, so we’re here to set the record straight and explain what UV light is, how it works, and what makes it safe to use in your home.

How Does a UV Light Water Purifier Work?

UV light purifies water by disrupting the DNA contained in pathogenic microorganisms. In doing so, it prevents bacteria from spreading diseases not just in drinking water, but also in aquaculture tanks, aquariums, and even swimming pools. It doesn’t function as a skimmer or filter where physical particles are removed, but it eliminates the threats contained in water that the eye can’t see, such as E. coli, hepatitis B, cholera, algae, fungi, salmonella, some types of viruses, and many other contaminants. This all sounds great…provided that UV light is actually safe to use for water purification. So, is it?

How Safe Is UV Light?

In the case of eliminating contaminants from drinking water, fish tanks, and more, UV light is safe! The sun emits UV light that can be dangerous when our skin is being exposed directly, but inside of a UV light water purifier, the water is the only thing being exposed to UV light. This means that it kills off harmful bacteria and leaves fresh, clean water that is absolutely safe to drink. In addition, there are no leftover residues that other treatment methods may leave behind, making it one of the safest options for treating your drinking water. So, as long as you aren’t looking at the UV bulb itself, there are no safety concerns present, and you can rest assured that your water is clean and clear.

Benefits of Using a UV Light Water Purifier Versus Chemical Treatments

Chemicals are often used to treat and purify water, but this adds a lot of extra stuff that we don’t want to put into our bodies. Chemicals can be harmful to humans, animals, and the environment even in small amounts, and even something as commonly used as chlorine can irritate the skin, cause headaches, and negatively affect the taste of fresh water. In some cases, the use of chemicals may be necessary, but a UV light water purifier can help to reduce the amount of chemicals that are required to produce water suitable for consumption or aquatic use.

Why Choose Aqua Ultraviolet?

Water purification has always been important, but these days more people are looking to reduce the waste created by plastic bottles and instead find solutions that are more sustainable without compromising the safety and quality of their water. At Aqua Ultraviolet, we understand the need for innovative solutions that work for families and businesses alike, and our UV light products are designed to fit seamlessly into your existing plumbing systems with straightforward installation. Our UV light water purifiers destroy 99.9% of waterborne microorganisms and leave you with nothing but fresh, clean water. If you’re looking for ways to purify the water in your home, from fish tanks and swimming pools to ice-cold refreshing tap water, a UV light water purifier is a safe solution. Check out our products today and start living better with cleaner water.

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