Maintaining Clear Water in Spas and Hot Tubs

If you’ve ever considered purchasing a hot tub for your backyard, it’s likely that you’ve considered the issue of sanitization, and if you have a hot tub already, you know all too well that keeping the water clean and sterile is of great importance. So what’s the best way to ensure that the water stays safe and free from pathogens, bacteria, and viruses? Just as with pools, there’s a lot of work that goes into keeping your hot tub clean, but spa water treatment and maintenance doesn’t have to be as big a chore as you might think. Sure, adding chemicals can help you eliminate harmful contaminants, but is that enough? What about the negative effects of using chemicals? These are the types of questions we asked ourselves, and the solution we developed was to use fewer chemicals and introduce UV water sterilization to create a safer, more enjoyable soaking opportunity for you and your guests.

Benefits of Using Fewer Chemicals in Your Spa Water Treatment and Maintenance

Owning a hot tub means actively caring for it and ensuring that the water is safe at all times. This goes for individuals with private tubs at home as well as businesses such as hotels and aquatic centers that offer the hot tub experience to their customers and guests. If using fewer chemicals in your spa water treatment is important to you, here’s what the addition of a UV water sterilizer can do:

  • Destroy microorganisms. Chlorine and other chemicals do a decent job of eliminating the microorganisms that often plague hot tubs and spas, but UV light goes deeper and targets contaminants that chlorine cannot.
  • Improve air quality. If your hot tub is located indoors, chances are there’s a strong chemical odor present. Chlorine is known to cause dizziness, headaches, and nausea – none of which are pleasant when you or your guests are trying to relax peacefully.
  • Lower chemical use. UV light sterilization uses only UV light – nothing else – and has been proven to kill 75% of what chlorine can, meaning that you can significantly reduce the amount of chemicals going into your hot tub while still ensuring a safe and sanitary spa experience. Fewer chemicals also means lower costs and easier spa water maintenance, which can be appreciated by individuals and businesses alike!
  • Increase the life of your spa. Harsh chemicals like chlorine are hard on your hot tub and can cause deterioration and damage over time. With the introduction of a UV light sterilizer and less chlorine, you can extend the service life of your hot tub and protect your investment.
  • Reduce sensitivities. As UV light is just high-energy light, there is no fear of itching or rashes. In fact, these symptoms should be far less common if you lower the amount of chemicals used when adding a Ultraviolet sterilizer to your setup.
  • Kill contaminants. Chlorine may be a necessary chemical for keeping pools and hot tubs clean, but UV light can offer a significant advantage when used in conjunction with your regular chemicals. By treating your spa water and eliminating potentially harmful pathogens, there’s no more worry about getting into a dirty tub.

Why Choose Aqua Ultraviolet’s UV Sterilizer?

Ultraviolet light sanitizes the water in your hot tub when it goes through the filter and breaks apart the molecular bonds that make up harmful bacteria and viruses. Used in combination with lesser amounts of chemicals, it can create a safer spa experience for everyone and help to preserve the life of your tub. That’s why Aqua Ultraviolet exists – our goal is to make swimming, drinking, relaxing, and eating safer with our extensive product line that provides sterilization options for home, school, work, and everywhere else. Ready to make your hot tub sparkle with cleanliness? Check out our products and upgrade your spa water treatment and maintenance program today.

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