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Kids these days just aren’t drinking enough water. In fact, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “1 in 5 children and adolescents do not drink any plain water during the day, and about half of school-aged children are underhydrated.” While there may be more than one reason for this – such as easy access to sugary convenience drinks, or the cost burden of bottled water options – the widescale problem stems from a lack of accessibility to clean, safe, and readily-available drinking water. Focusing on the reasoning behind the problem is often the best way to develop a viable solution, and in the case of providing safe water access to children, it means investing in a drinking water purification system.

Benefits of Safe, Accessible Water for Students

Across the nation, safe access to water is still a significant issue faced by countless school districts. Simply put, most schools have a need for a drinking water purification system, but such a solution is often overlooked. The obvious reasons for providing clean water notwithstanding, there are several benefits that schools can offer students that can help to shape their future. Investing in a drinking water purification system can help today’s students:
  • Maintain adequate hydration. Implementing a drinking water purification system in your school can help kids stay hydrated, healthy, and better able to combat seasonal ailments such as cold and flu symptoms. This means fewer sick days and happier kids.
  • Reduce energy intake. Children need to consume a lot of calories to power their bodies and stay active, but sweetened drinks don’t provide the type of energy that developing children need. Access to safe water can help to cut down on unnecessary calories.
  • Improve cognitive function. Well-hydrated students often perform better in school thanks to water’s ability to contribute to improved cognitive function. Their perception, attention, memory, comprehension, and decision-making abilities are all heightened by clean water.
  • Prevent cavities. Substituting sports beverages and soft drinks with safe, clean water can help kids avoid cavities and improve their dental health as they grow and develop. A trip to the dentist may be their last priority, but we can at least try to make it painless for them!

How Does It Work?

Aqua Ultraviolet’s drinking water purification system takes your school’s water through a series of three filters to remove contaminants. In stage one, any harmful pathogens, viruses, bacteria, dirt, rust, and other sediments are removed. In stage two, water passes through a carbon filter to remove any unwanted tastes and odors caused by organic compounds, chlorine, pesticides, chemicals, and more. Finally, in stage three, a fluoride filter removes excess chemicals including fluoride, mold spores, algae, yeast, fungi, and other harmful contaminants. This process ensures that the water available to students is convenient, free, safe, and enjoyable, and provides both parents and educators with the confidence that they are providing the best solutions for their children and students.

Why Choose Aqua Ultraviolet’s Drinking Water Purification System?

Our lives depend on uninhibited access to safe water, and at Aqua Ultraviolet we believe that supplying our children and adolescents with clean alternatives to bottled water and soft drinks can have a positive impact on their lives. We have developed industry-leading solutions for water purification and continue to push the limits of technology to create better products for the future. Check out Aqua Ultraviolet’s Life Plus 3-stage drinking water filter today as an easy and reliable drinking water purification system for the classroom setting.

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