The Benefits of Using UV Light in the Food Manufacturing Process

Bottled water, tea, soft drinks, beer, wine, juice, meat, vegetables, food packaging, crop irrigation – all of these products can be grouped into food and beverage manufacturing, and all of the materials, products, and packaging used in the manufacturing process must be clean, sanitized, and microbial-free. Food manufacturers across the country utilize various sterilization methods to ensure that their products are safe for consumers and free from any harmful bacteria such as salmonella, but product quality is also a concern. By ensuring that products have been sterilized, manufacturers can increase shelf life, enhance flavors, and protect their overall brand. This is where UV light food sterilization comes into play.

Why Food Manufacturers Should Utilize the Power of UV Light

It’s Free from Chemicals

UV light food sterilization doesn’t require the use of chemicals. As the process involves directing non-visible light onto both products and packaging, there is nothing left over – no residual of any kind. This means that the color, nutritional content, and flavor are all protected and can remain unaltered from production to consumption. Only surface contaminations such as bacteria, viruses, and molds are affected, and they can either be reduced or completely eliminated by the use of UV light.

It’s Cost-Effective

Chemical treatment is recurring and expensive, but the only recurring costs associated with UV light food sterilization are the replacement of lamps. In most cases, lamps last between 1-2 years under normal use, meaning that switching to a UV safety solution can both reduce the risk of waste due to contamination as well as provide a far more cost-effective solution with a positive ROI.

It’s Based in Science

UV light deactivates DNA-based contaminants such as salmonella, listeria, E. coli, and more, and is a practice that has been used in the prevention of food contamination since the 1850s. Over the years, the scientific research and calculation behind UV light have expanded to the point where we can focus precise amounts of UV light to deactivate numerous unwanted contaminants. It has been used to directly sterilize food products, as well as added into HVAC systems to enhance air quality as well.

Aqua Ultraviolet Manufacturing UV Systems

Classic Series

Our Classic Series UV light food sterilization equipment offers a versatile solution for both new and experienced manufacturers. They can be used to disinfect water and other liquids, hard surfaces, as well as air, and provide a cost-effective, environmentally-conscious method for ensuring product quality and safety when compared to the use of chemicals.

SL Series

Often used in both residential and commercial water treatment, our SL Series UV light food sterilization equipment can also be used in applications such as ponds, aquariums, and other water features. The SL Series offers a mid-sized solution for those who need more than a Classic, but not as hefty as a Viper. As is the case with all of our UV lights, there is no change to the chemistry, flavor, aroma, or pH level of water sterilized using our equipment.

Viper SL Professional Series

For professional applications where UV light food sterilization is an absolute must, our Viper SL Professional Series is ready for action. With faster disinfection and cell penetration, they can sterilize quickly and efficiently without affecting taste or odor. Each light is designed to be compact and easy to both install and maintain in an effort to make water sterilization simple.

Why Choose Aqua Ultraviolet?

Our team boasts more than four decades of experience in manufacturing commercial UV sterilizers to provide custom solutions to a wide variety of applications. Check out Aqua Ultraviolet’s available UV light products for food and drink sterilization today!

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