Does Mussel Farming Require a Commercial Water Purification System?

Biologists and conservationists have been researching how mussels aid with water purification for many years, and there is evidence to support that mussels are capable of maintaining water quality in the tanks they are bred in. This research begs the question: can mussels be used to produce clean water in other applications, or are commercial water purification systems still necessary for ensuring that aquarium tanks and other aquaculture activities have clean water?

How Do Mussels Help to Maintain Water Quality?

There are many types of aquatic life that operate as vacuums, sucking up algae or other nutrients from the water and then leaving deposits at the bottom. But this doesn’t offer the long-term solution that is needed – these deposits eventually end up circulating back into the water. On the other hand, mussels and oysters have been known to enhance some bacteria species that can turn nitrogen into a gas that leaves the water for good. The process is called denitrification, and it’s what has prompted scientists to question whether it’s a viable solution for maintaining water quality in aquaculture applications. The problem is that in order for mussels to survive and subsequently achieve this result, they need clean water free from ammonia pollution and sedimentation.

What Can UV Light Do That Mussels Cannot?

If mussels can help to maintain water quality provided and they have clean water to work with (and there is still additional research necessary to confirm this), then the onus of initiating clean water strategies falls to us. For the time being, we still need to focus on water purification and filtering to ensure that mussels have the ability to thrive and won’t succumb to natural disease and bacteria buildup. This is where commercial water purification systems come into play.

UV light water purification systems such as Aqua Ultraviolet’s SL Series UV Sterilizers utilize ultraviolet light to kill off bacteria. In the case of our Ultima II filters, a cyclonic backwash system is used to avoid any sedimentation buildup. Together, this provides a safe and sufficient system that can enhance mussel farming operations and help to grow better mussels.

How Do Commercial Water Purification Systems Work?

The main purpose of our commercial water purification systems is to eliminate microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants that can cause harm to mussels and other aquatic life. Water passes through the UV filter, where 99.9% of these contaminants are destroyed – they simply cannot survive under direct UV light. This means that fewer chemicals are required to keep tanks maintained, which has a positive effect on the growth and quality of all tank inhabitants – such as mussels.

Why Choose Aqua Ultraviolet?

Mussel farming can be challenging when water quality is at stake, and there’s only so much that mussels can do to maintain the water around them. At Aqua Ultraviolet, we understand the need for innovative solutions that work to further the health and quality of mussels and make the task of mussel farming that much easier. Our commercial UV light products are designed for easy and seamless installation while providing the results that farmers need. If you’re in need of a more sustainable solution for your mussel farming or other aquaculture activities, check out our commercial water purification systems today.

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