What is Pool Winterization?
Winterizing is the process of preparing your pond and pool equipment, Ultraviolet Light Sterilizer and Filter system for the freezing winter weather. During colder months, fish go into an a “winter rest” phase where they rest at the bottom of the pond where the warmer water sinks to, don’t feed nearly as often and are physically less active, while others such as Koi go into a dormant phase like frogs.  (NOAA, 2014)

If you live in an area where your pond or pool freezes, pool winterization is a must for your pond or pool equipment to prevent winter weather damage to your system, causing you to replace parts or even your entire UV or Filter.

Why Winterize?
Pond winterization is a proper method of maintaining your pond in the colder winter months. If water freezes where you live, you should shut off your system and winterize. Keep in mind that water can freeze inside piping as well.
If you plan on running water throughout the winter months and know the water WON’T freeze, you need to remove the lamp and quartz sleeve, and attach winterizing caps.
If you do not go through pond winterization, you run the risk of freezing your equipment, causing a crack along your UV and Filter housing, which will require a new housing, and any parts left inside if not properly disassembled.

How Do I Winterize My Aqua UV Sterilizer?
For pool winterization of your UV system, remove all of the internal parts, including the quartz sleeve and the lamp, storing them separately and in a place where they won’t freeze to avoid breakage during out of service months. If you keep your water flowing, remove the EZ Twist Caps and replace them each with a “Winterizing Cap”. If you completely shut off the system (no water flowing), disconnect your unions or flanges and take your UV housing inside where it won’t freeze.

Of course, the housing of stainless-steel UV units will not crack, but the internal parts, including quartz sleeve and lamp, should be removed as well and stored inside where they will not freeze while not in use. Most pipes used along with a stainless-steel unit can freeze though, and should be dried completely to avoid such cracks.

Remember to bring your inline transformer inside as well, NEMA Transformer boxes may be left outside.
It is also recommended to replace your rubber seal on your quartz sleeve when restoring your unit after winterizing.

How Do I Winterize My Aqua UV Filter? For pool filter winterization, you must first turn off your pump and completely remove and dry any water from the tank. The easiest way to do this is to unscrew your drain cap at the base if the filter is not buried. Turn your valve to the “Winter” setting which allows water to drain and leave it in this position while not in use. Backwash your filter before restarting up your filter system after winterizing. Aqua Ultraviolet is the top manufacturer for UV Sterilizers! Keeping your fish healthy and happy is our priority! We offer a variety of different UV sterilizer and filter sizes. Call us toll free at 1-800-454-2725 to speak with a representative for a recommendation!

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Sources and Further Readings:
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