Aquaculture 101

Aquaculture refers to the process of raising aquatic animals in an underwater system. For instance, people who have a fish tank at home likely know very well the importance of water filtration of the tank to ensure their fish are safe and healthy.

These tank systems come with a diverse ecosystem that essentially needs to be maintained through filters and lights in order for the flora and fauna present to thrive. For this purpose, an ultraviolet water purifier is often the optimal choice.

Who Uses Aquaculture?

Several different industries and types of businesses rely on aquaculture for their operations:

  • Zoos
  • Depuration facilities
  • Fish hatcheries
  • Indication and rehabilitation facilities, etc.

The diverse application of aquaculture ties into the many benefits that this processes and yields:

  • Using sea resources more sustainably
  • Protecting biodiversity
  • Helping fish populations thrive and increase in numbers
  • Reducing human disturbances of natural ecosystems

But to the average person, aquaculture mostly refers to the process of raising and developing fish or other aquatic creatures. Part of the process involves water purification through the use of ultraviolet water purification, setting UV light apart as one of the most effective options compared to chemical-based alternatives.

Why UV Light for Fish Tank Water Purification Is the Best Choice in Purification

An ultraviolet water purifier essentially leverages the purification abilities of natural sun rays, but at a much higher concentration. Actually, the average UV system is hundreds of times stronger than UV rays coming from the sun, making these systems incredibly powerful and effective purifiers.

There are plenty of benefits to choosing UV lights for fish tank water sanitation:

  • Safer for Fish and Plants – Ultraviolet water purifiers create an entirely physical process of filtering the water. Because we’re not adding chemicals to counter any bacteria present in the tank, both the fish and the plants inside remain perfectly safe. Overall, UV light is a much safer alternative to other forms of water purification;
  • A Cost-Effective Solution – UV light for fish tank water purification lasts a lot longer than other forms of filtration. Because we’re not adding additional chemicals to the water, there is no risk of the filter itself needing frequent replacement, meaning fish can enjoy the UV light system longer. For instance, the UV bulbs from Aqua Ultraviolet can run for tens of thousands of hours before they need replacing;
  • Hassle-Free Installation – Ultraviolet water purifiers are easy to set up, meaning their benefits can be enjoyed right away without needing professionals to help install it;
  • Lower Maintenance – Since the UV light will last a long time, it also means there is less need for maintenance when compared with other purification systems which need to be changed or upgraded more often;
  • A Sustainable Approach to Filtration – The chemicals used in water filtration will end up flushed down the drain, which could have a negative impact on the environment. For a more eco-friendly solution, nothing beats an ultraviolet water purifier. Additionally, its long lifespan also means a smaller carbon footprint.

Purchase Your Very Own Ultraviolet Water Purifier Today


If you’re looking for a sustainable, cost-effective, and simple solution to purify water, an ultraviolet water purifier is, by far, the best choice. Aqua Ultraviolet provides the aquaculture industry with the best UV-based purifying solutions that will help keep fish healthy and thriving long-term.

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