UV Sterilizers And Bio Mechanical Filtration For Backyard Ponds

A UV sterilizer is a powerful pump and filter that uses ultraviolet light to destroy harmful pathogens and bacteria in the water supply of your backyard pond – keeping the water clean, safe, and free of algae and other microorganisms.


UV sterilizers work closely with bio mechanical filtration systems, which use beneficial colonies of bacteria to dissolve toxic nitrogenous waste and other unwanted compounds, further purifying the water and balancing the chemical composition to keep fish and plants healthy.


Why Should I Use A UV Sterilizer For A Pond?

Combining a UV sterilizer with a bio mechanical filtration system helps keep your pond water in better condition, and has a number of different benefits:

  • Speeds up algae balance – New ponds are prone to unwanted algae blooms, which can occur several times a year. It may take several years for your pond to fully acclimate and reach the proper balance of algae, but with a UV sterilizer, you can speed up this process.

    Your sterilizer will help remove excess algae, encouraging a better balance for your pond water. This helps speed up the acclimation process, and also eliminates smelly algae and water conditions that can make your pond unpleasant, especially in the warmer months.


  • Kills unwanted algae – UV sterilization kills pond algae by using low-wavelength ultraviolet (UV) light. When exposed to this intense light, algae and most other microorganisms begin to quickly break down, and are rendered inert, harmless, and unable to reproduce.

    Best of all, this is done without the use of any kind of chemical sterilizer, so you won’t have to worry about affecting the pH balance, chemical composition, or other elements of your pond water – simplifying the process of maintenance and ensuring healthier growth for plants, fish, and more.


  • Improves overall water quality – With a UV sterilizer, you can improve overall water quality, and eliminate harmful pathogens and diseases that could affect fish, plants, or anything else. Your water will be more clear and fresh, particularly when you combine a UV sterilizer with a bio mechanical filtration system to catch debris and waste, and remove excess ammonia from your pond water.

If you want to maintain the health of your backyard pond, combining UV sterilizers and a bio mechanical filtration system is the best choice. So shop for UV sterilizers online now and take a look at the selection of bio mechanical filters offered by Aqua Ultraviolet, and get everything you need.         


Why Choose Aqua Ultraviolet? Experts In UV & Bio Mechanical Water Treatment


At Aqua Ultraviolet, we sell EPA-certified UV products, and are the first company to be recognized as selling UV sterilization filters that meet EPA requirements. Not only that, but we’re also experts in bio mechanical water treatment – so our products are an all-in-one solution for better pond water quality.

Our dedication to quality, innovation, and reliability means that you’ll only get the very best products – guaranteed. So shop around and see what we have to offer, and see why we’re the market leaders in UV sterilization and bio mechanical water filtration.


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