Small Product, Big Yield

UV Benefits for Farming/Harvesting


When you think of a “Harvest”, do you picture farm animals, crops, plants, or even water?
All of the above are considered harvests to which UV can contribute healthy water!

UV sterilization works by emitting UV light within the unit as water passes through. The powerful rays pierce through harmful spores, bacteria and pathogens and disrupts their DNA, disallowing them to survive or reproduce.

Small Harvest: Plant and Crop Cultivation is no small job, in fact, growing crops is one of the Human Culture basics, and without it, we would be in danger.  Throughout history, crops have provided us with food and an economy basis. Fruits and Vegetables bought in grocery stores in every city around the world come from a farm. With products purchased local to your market or not, we depend on farmers around the world to supply us with our nutritional needs.

Small Farms: In addition to crops and plants, farming animals and fish for food and resources has proven to be beneficial in economic and health aspects. With regard to water sterilization, providing your animals with clean drinking water demonstrates that you are meeting the water needs of your livestock.

Small Business: Establishing a UV sterilizer in your business or work force proves an investment in the health of your company and the product that you manufacture. Whether you’re in the business of food and beverage or own rental properties, your partners will surely notice the usage of an Aqua UV Water Sterilizer.

What happens when the water is contaminated? Or there is a drought? UV defends your harvest with water sterilization, and harvesting rainwater can help watering needs in times of drought.
harvesting rainwater

Harvesting Rainwater: Catching rainwater is a great way to reuse natural waterfall to water your plants/crops with. With proper storage, the addition of a UV Sterilizer ensures the removal of harmful bacteria and spores that rain absorbs on its way down from the atmosphere, plants or other obstacles in between.

Small Product, Big Yield


Connecting an Aqua Ultraviolet sterilizer to your water supply enables the flow of clear water that is free of harmful bacteria and spores that can damage your grow, livestock and goods.
The fresh water made possible by Aqua UV Products make a noticeable difference to benefit any industry.
Get in touch with an Aqua UV Sales rep today to provide your farm and business the best water possible.

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