You Picked Your Fish Tank, Now What?

So, you want to care for a fish tank. You went out and bought a decent size tank, but if you have yet to do so, just remember the bigger the better!
You began by choosing your tank and now are in the process of filling your shiny new tank with plentiful shiny fish! 
Slow down Surfer, are you going to maintain a salt or fresh water aquarium? Take into consideration time, productivity, installation/set up ability, and personal dedication when making this decision. Read below for our best tips for fish tank care!

Choose Your Fish
Now that you know which type of environment you are going to provide for your fishy friends, we can choose our fish! What fish are the most appealing to you to care for and to look at? If you have the time and a little extra to spend on maintenance, consider the bright colors of a salt water tank!  With either type of tank you choose, you must be sure the fish you choose will live and thrive together in harmony.

A few questions to ask yourself when choosing which fish is right for your tank:
1. How big do the fish get?
2. Is this species aggressive, or even territorial?
3. Do they get along with the other fish you desire to keep?
4. Does this fish eat other, smaller fish?
5. What water qualities are required?

Choose A Habitat Theme
Once you decide your fish, the tank image becomes clearer in your mind and other decisions just fall into place. Is this a fish tank for children? You can make the theme fun like a fish castle or a fun aerating ornament like a chest within a ship wreck!
For a more sophisticated look, you can get reefs and rock (live or fake) and create a peaceful view for a peace of mind

Ultimately the design it is up to you! Have fun with it!

Choose Your UV Sterilizer
Fish Tank care can be easy if you closely monitor your water quality and keep a happy, lively tank. One beneficial addition to every aquarium is an Aqua Ultraviolet (UV) Sterilizer to keep the aquarium water not only clear, but healthy, by inactivating any free-floating bacteria that enters the unit. UV does not discriminate between good and bad bacteria, but overall, your tank and fish will benefit from the cleanliness you and your fish can feel!!

Love & Care for Your Tank!
Now that you have a system for maintaining water purity and a thriving fish community, you are as ready to go with the flow as your fish already are!
Appreciate the beauty in water life, and your own!

Aqua Ultraviolet cares about your fish tank care and aquarium water health needs!
Check out our Advantage UV series and Classic UV series, both of which are popular with home aquariums!

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