What Water Should I Give My Marijuana Plant?

Whichever water source you choose to use to give your Marijuana Plants, testing your water should be your first move. Most water already contains minerals, and too much or too little can be harmful to your plants. You must also check the pH and temperature to ensure a healthy water supply to obtain maximum absorption.

Optimal Water Quality
Marijuana plants prefer a pH of 5.5-6.5 when growing hydroponically and between 6 and 6.8 in soil. Keeping the water’s pH within the respectable range allows more nutrients to be absorbed by the roots in comparison to aiming for a specific pH balance. This is because different nutrients are absorbed by the roots at different pH levels.

“Cannabis likes to get 500 to 600 ppm after cloning, 800 to 900 ppm when vegging, and 1000 to 1100 ppm during the flowering stage.” (Grow Light Central, 2020)

The Mineral content of the water you use is crucial as water is the main source of nutrient transport for root absorption for plants to grow large and healthy. This is measured in Parts Per Million, or ppm for short.
Temperature wise, the water should be between 68- and 73-degrees F.

Water Choices
Rain Water:
Typically, rain water is the best water for plants. It is natural and extremely low cost (storage containers, pH testers and ppm testers). Due to human pollution, rain water is not “perfectly pure and pH neutral. Thanks to human pollution this is only the case in very few locations on the planet” (Grow Light Central, 2020).

Spring Water:
This is essentially ground water, and will vary in different areas. Test this water before using and make adjustments before feeding to your plants.

Tap Water:
One of the most accessible water sources for every grower. To use this water, test it so you know exactly what is in it, what you need to filter out, and add to it to make it healthy for your Marijuana plants. In the U.S, most municipalities add Chlorine and/or Fluoride to the water to treat it for bacteria and contaminants. Chlorine will naturally evaporate when left out for 24 hours, but if your water is treated with Chloramine’s instead of Chlorine, or in combination with Fluoride, removal requires a filter that is fit for such removal.

Bottled Water:
This can be a good source if the mineral count is in the range you are looking for and has no harmful chemicals. This method becomes very expensive.

Distilled Water:
This water contains NO nutrients, so you must mix in all your additives, which is nice because you are in control of what is added. This is important because water with no nutrients will suck up all the good nutrients your plants need to thrive.

Nutrient Burn
Many novice growers experience some sort of nutrient burn in their Marijuana plants when the roots take in an excess of nutrients. This can happen during any stage and can be caused by overwatering, over mixing nutrients, or growing your Marijuana Plant in a medium that has a high amount of nutrients already. Nutrient burn can be deadly to your plant if not properly groomed and flushed. (Royal Queen Seeds, 2020)

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