Utilizing UV Sterilization Into Your Fish Farming Facilities

Thanks to high demand for fish and the continued improvement in the quality of fish farmed in aquaculture facilities, fish farming (aquaculture) is growing quickly, and is expected to become a $376 billion industry by 2025.

But with new growth comes new challenges, which is why many fish farmers are now beginning to utilize UV sterilization. Utilizing UV sterilization into your farming facilities can help protect the aquatic environments of fish eggs, juvenile fish, and fully-grown adult fish before they are harvested.

The Benefits Of UV Sterilization For Aquaculture

Not sure what the advantages are of utilizing UV sterilization into your farming practices? Here are just a few benefits of UV sterilization for fish farming (aquaculture).

  • No harmful by-products – UV sterilization does not use any chemicals to eliminate microbes, so it creates no harmful by-products that could harm your fish or contaminate them.
  • Destroys all microorganisms – Unlike antibiotics, microbes can’t develop a resistance to UV light. It destroys 99.99% of microbes on contact, and UV disinfection will always remain equally effective, even when used in all of your facilities.
  • Minimizes use of antibiotics – Antibiotic-resistant bacteria and other pathogens are a serious concern in fish farms. UV sterilization reduces the need for antibiotics, which is good for your fish and also helps reduce the risk of microbes that resist antibiotics.
  • Safely increase fish density – With better water quality, your facilities can support more fish density, which means you can improve overall fish production.
  • Improve aquaculture production stability – UV sterilization helps keep your water stable, and also improves overall the overall stability of fish production, allowing you to meet quotas more easily.
  • Reduce mortality rates – High mortality rates in fish farming (aquaculture) are undesirable for obvious reasons. UV sterilization helps kill pathogens and improves water quality, keeping fish healthy and strong.
  • Destroys ozone – UV helps remove excess ozone, which is important in aquaculture, where ozone generators are often used to assist in sanitizing the water in fish farms.

UV sterilization is good for the environment, good for your fish, and good for your bottom line – making it a great option. Investing and utilizing UV sterilization into your farming facilities is a great idea, so shop our selection of UV sterilizers now to see which products may be right for you.

Why Choose Aqua Ultraviolet? We’re Pioneers In UV Sterilization!

At Aqua Ultraviolet, we use cutting-edge technology to build reliable, powerful, and effective UV sterilization equipment for fish farming (aquaculture).

We are the first company to earn EPA certification for our UV disinfection equipment – and we continue to lead the market when it comes to creating innovative UV sterilization solutions for aquaculture, public pools, aquariums, manufacturing facilities, and so much more.

 Want To Learn More About UV & Aquaculture? Contact Us For More Information

Interested in more information about UV sterilization and aquaculture? Contact Aqua Ultraviolet now to set up a consultation, and get started today. We’d be happy to provide you with more details about how you can benefit from incorporating our UV products into your fish farming facilities.

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