Classic In-Line Transformers 220V/60Hz


Make sure you have all the parts you need by ordering a Classic In-Line Transformer for 220V/60Hz. Aqua Ultraviolet is dedicated to superb customer service and support, which is why we provide options for transformers and replacement parts for many of our products. Aqua Ultraviolet’s in-line transformers are compatible with our Classic Series UV Sterilizers and are available to buy today.

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Available Classic In-Line Transformers 220V/60Hz Parts:

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(PN: A30091) 15-Watt Transformer, Black
(PN: A30036) 25-Watt Transformer, Black
(PN: A30049) 40-Watt Transformer, Black
(PN: A30009) 57-Watt Transformer, Black

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