Classic NEMA Transformers 120V/60Hz


For Aqua Ultraviolet’s Classic Series of UV purifiers for general use, a transformer is sometimes needed to have the UV purifier work with the pre-existing system it is being installed into. To help the Classic series work seamlessly, Aqua Ultraviolet has seven types of Classic NEMA Transformers available in various wattages and sized housing. Check out Aqua Ultraviolet’s UV purifiers to learn more about the Classic Series.

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Available Classic NEMA Transformer 120V/60Hz Parts:

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(PN: A30080) 80-Watt Transformer (NEMA)
(PN: A30086) 80-Watt Transformer (NEMA) 3” Housing
(PN: A30120) 120-Watt Transformer (NEMA)
(PN: A30124) 120-Watt Transformer (NEMA) 3” Housing
(PN: A30160) 160-Watt Transformer (NEMA)
(PN: A30200) 200-Watt Transformer (NEMA)
(PN: A30240) 240-Watt Transformer (NEMA)

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