Classic RAW Transformers


When you need a classic RAW transformer, Aqua Ultraviolet has several options available. With three wattages and two voltages available, you can find what you need here. These electrical components include the Raw Transformers, Step Transformers, Fans, and Igniters and in some cases more. See if the transformer you need is here or check out our other transformer products.

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Available Classic RAW Transformers 120V/60Hz / 220V/60Hz Parts:

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(PN: A30042) 40-Watt Transformer RAW 120V/60Hz
(PN: A30058) 57-Watt Transformer RAW 120V/60Hz
(PN: A30082) 80-Watt Transformer RAW 120V/60Hz
(PN: A30050) 40-Watt Transformer RAW 220V/60Hz
(PN: A30095) 57-Watt Transformer RAW 220V/60Hz

*All sales are final on self installed electrical components.

This includes but is not limited to:
Raw Transformers
Step Transformers

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