Wiper Parts – SL Units


Aqua Ultraviolet understands how important it is to keep the wiper parts and SL units in your filtration systems clean and free from foreign matter. To do this we always have available replacement parts to keep your system working. You don’t have to keep looking; we have different wiper parts and SL units ready for you.

Aqua Ultraviolet offers a variety of wiper parts and SL units that suit your needs.

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Available Wiper Parts – SL Units Parts:

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(PN: A40102) Wiper Rod, 100 Watt
(PN: A40060) Wiper Rod, 200 Watt
(PN: A40180) Wiper C-Clips, Plastic (2)
(PN: A40018) Classic Wiper Blade with Plastic C-Clips
(PN: A40021) Wiper Nut with Seal
(PN: A40090) Wiper Hex Nut
(PN: A40073) Wiper Ball Knob
(PN: A40230) Wiper Plug
(PN: A40041) Threaded Plug, 3” Wiper Bottom

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