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Why would you need an aqua wiper blade for your classic unit filter? The unit’s quartz sleeve encloses the UV bulb and is designed to fit wiper parts to allow UV rays to reach the water and sterilize it without any hindrance. 

That’s why it’s important to calibrate your UVC filter and regularly clean the quartz sleeve for improved system performance. 

You don’t need to disassemble the device and scrub the quartz sleeve with our wiper parts; instead, the aqua wiper blade moves along the sleeve’s length to swiftly remove debris. A functioning quartz sleeve can better guard against breakage, temperature fluctuations, and environmental risks, so you need a good-quality wiper part to go with it. 

Regardless of whether your classic unit needs a wiper added to it or a part that has to be changed, our aqua wiper blade fits the quartz sleeve precisely. Moreover, you can look through our website for the right wiper part for your quartz sleeve and anything else you may need for wiper parts. 

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Available Wiper Parts – Classic Units Parts:

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(PN: A40019) Wiper Rod, 8/15 Watt
(PN: A40010) Wiper Rod, 25/57 Watt
(PN: A40013) Wiper Rod, 40 Watt
(PN: A40017) Classic Wiper Blade with Plastic C-Clips
(PN: A40172) Classic Wiper Blade with Metal C-Clips
(PN: A40089) Wiper C-Clips, Metal (2)
(PN: A40180) Wiper C-Clips, Plastic (2)
(PN: A40021) Wiper Nut with Seal
(PN: A40090) Wiper Hex Nut
(PN: A40073) Wiper Ball Knob
(PN: A40230) Wiper Plug

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