Wiper Parts – Classic Units


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Available Wiper Parts – Classic Units Parts:

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(PN: A40019) Wiper Rod, 8/15 Watt
(PN: A40010) Wiper Rod, 25/57 Watt
(PN: A40013) Wiper Rod, 40 Watt
(PN: A40017) Classic Wiper Blade with Plastic C-Clips
(PN: A40172) Classic Wiper Blade with Metal C-Clips
(PN: A40089) Wiper C-Clips, Metal (2)
(PN: A40180) Wiper C-Clips, Plastic (2)
(PN: A40021) Wiper Nut with Seal
(PN: A40090) Wiper Hex Nut
(PN: A40073) Wiper Ball Knob
(PN: A40230) Wiper Plug

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