Viper RAW Transformers 220V/60Hz


When you need a Viper RAW transformer, Aqua Ultraviolet has an option available. Order the transformer with the lamp or the transformer and ignitor with the lamp. These transformers operate at 400 watts. Seamlessly integrate the Viper system into your existing tank or pond using a Viper RAW transformer. See if the transformer you need is here or check out our other Viper transformer products.

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Available Viper RAW Transformer 220V/60Hz Parts:

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(PN: AS39404) Viper 400-Watt RAW Transformer, 1 – Lamp, 220V/60Hz
(PN: AS39405) Viper 400-Watt RAW Transformer and Ignitor, 1 – Lamp 220V/60Hz