Statuary Aqua UV Frog 8 Watt Units


Transform your garden pond into a picturesque oasis with our Statuary Aqua UV Frog, a convenient frog pond water feature with an integrated UV water sterilizer. This innovative unit combines the whimsical charm of a frog statuary that gently spits water with the cutting-edge technology of UV sterilization to ensure your pond remains crystal clear and free from harmful bacteria and algae growth.

Designed for outdoor enthusiasts who cherish aesthetics and the health of their pond ecosystem, our Statuary Aqua UV Frog is the perfect addition to any garden. As the warmer months approach, maintaining the clarity and cleanliness of your pond becomes crucial. Our unit serves as a captivating visual focal point and plays a vital role in preserving the water’s quality by preventing algae buildup and neutralizing pathogens.

The package includes both the statuary and the attached UV sterilizer, offering a seamless, easy-to-install solution that enhances the beauty of your pond while ensuring its inhabitants thrive in a clean environment.

Statuary Aqua UV Frog—a frog pond water feature where nature meets innovation.

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Available Statuary Aqua UV Frog 8 Watt Series Units:

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Statuary Aqua Frog 8 Watt Unit
(PN: A00306) Aqua Frog, 8 Watt Unit, UV, 3/4″ Inlet/Outlet, 120V/60Hz (617750-00306-1)

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Statuary Aqua UV Fish 8 Watt

Aqua Fish, 8 Watt Unit, UV, 3/4″ Inlet/Outlet, 120V/60Hz


Dimensions for Frog Unit: 16-1/4” x 15” x 16-1/4”

Number of Lamps


120 Volt Amp Draw


Water Sterilization Measurements

Freshwater: 5 – 200 Gallons