SL 200 NEMA Transformers 120-220V/60Hz


For Aqua Ultraviolet’s SL Series of UV sterilizers for large use, a transformer is sometimes needed to have the UV sterilizer work with the pre-existing system it is being installed into. To help the SL series work seamlessly, Aqua Ultraviolet has two types of SL 200 NEMA Transformers available: 120V and 220V at 60Hz. Check out Aqua Ultraviolet’s UV sterilizers to learn more about the SL Series.

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Available Classic RAW Transformers 120-220V/60Hz Parts:

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(PN: AS39201) SL 200-Watt NEMA Transformer, 1 – Lamp, 120V/60Hz
(PN: AS39200) SL 200-Watt NEMA Transformer, 1 – Lamp, 220V/60Hz

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