Which is Better, Plastic or Steel Water Bottles?

Using metal versus plastic water bottles is a hot topic worldwide. Although people depend more on plastic for everyday needs, health and environmental concerns are particularly prevalent, especially with water bottles. As such, stainless steel is now a common alternative used for water bottles.

Let’s determine who wins the metal versus plastic water bottle battle.

The Battle of Materials: Stainless Steel vs. Plastic Water Bottles

To address the most controversial question — “Is a stainless steel water bottle better than plastic?” — we’ll begin by exploring plastic to determine which is best in this metal versus plastic water bottle war.

Plastic has become infamous because it contains BPA, a chemical that might lead to cancer. However, most of the water bottles we see today are BPA-free. To learn more about plastic, look at the bottom of the bottle. If you spot a number 1, the water bottle is disposable and only designed for one-time use. You might want to be environmentally conscious and wash and refill these bottles, but it wouldn’t be wise. With multiple uses, these bottles start leaching harmful chemicals into the water.

Bottles with the numbers 2, 4, or 5 are better for health and the environment. They pose no health risks, as there is no leaching of chemicals. They are inexpensive, too. If you want affordable and lightweight water bottles, there is no better alternative than plastic. However, they can easily retain odors and stains when used repeatedly and are detrimental to the environment.

A metal water bottle sitting on a rocky beach with plastic water bottles pulled in by the tide

Is a Stainless Steel Water Bottle Better Than Plastic?

Let’s discuss the second contender of this stainless steel versus plastic water bottle battle: stainless steel. When it comes to longevity, stainless steel undoubtedly wins over plastic. Moreover, it is odor- and corrosion-resistant and does not leach chemicals upon sun/heat exposure.

Although much energy is needed to produce stainless steel (unlike plastic), it is 100% recyclable. But this energy-intensive procedure makes it more costly than plastic. Stainless steel water bottles are food grade, making them safe for health.

Both materials used to make water bottles have their pros and cons. What water bottle you should use depends on your priorities and preferences. In some cases, you might prefer lightweight and affordable plastic bottles; in others, a reusable stainless steel bottle is a better option.

Making the Healthiest Choice

To become more eco-conscious, you might turn to reusable plastic bottles. However, they can endanger your health over repeated use and pollute water streams with microplastics.

Also, plastic bottles with BPA can lead to hormonal imbalances, stubborn belly fat, and, in the worst cases, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, infertility, and metabolic diseases. If you are health-conscious, use stainless steel water bottles instead of plastic; they’re food-grade, free of harmful chemicals, and an eco-friendly alternative.

Choosing the Right UV Sterilizers for Safe, Healthy Drinking Water

Of course, no water bottle will be safe if you drink dirty, contaminated water. Having clean, purified water on hand is where UV sterilizers can play a significant role in disinfecting your water. Stainless steel UV sterilizers are home waterline sterilization units for consumable drinking water.

When stainless steel is the base material for your water sterilization unit, there is no need to be worried about microplastics. On the other hand, plastic UV sterilizers are designed for non-consumable water features, such as aquariums, ponds, pools, and irrigation systems, to keep marine life safe and healthy.

Advanced UV sterilizer lines – such as Aqua Ultraviolet’s Classic Series – have plastic and stainless steel options. You should choose an option based on your water needs. For example, the stainless steel UV sterilizer is an ideal choice when human health is a concern. Like your water bottle, choosing a UV sterilizer is up to your needs and preferences.

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