Hydroponics and Automated Watering for Cannabis Cultivation

Yet another amazing fact about the magical cannabis plant? It can grow — quickly and efficiently — without soil through the utilization of hydroponics. If you’ve decided to try out hydroponics, it’s time to decide on a suitable arrangement.

All hydroponic systems use a nutrient-enriched water solution, which is made easier with an automated greenhouse watering system. At Aqua Ultraviolet, we have expertise in manufacturing high-quality watering solutions for your cannabis plants. We’re proud to provide forward-thinking growers with innovative systems in cannabis cultivation.

The Advantages of Hydroponic Systems

Hydroponics is a way of growing plants indoors without the use of soil. Plants obtain all their nutrition from a nutrient-rich solution delivered to their roots rather than pulling mineral nutrients required for growth from the ground.

A significant advantage of this cultivation method is that hydroponic plants typically develop 30-50% faster and provide higher yields. One reason is that nutrients in a hydroponic system are considerably more accessible to plants. Because there is no dirt to travel through, the nutrients float in water and enter the root system directly.

In that sense, a seasoned hydroponic cannabis producer has complete control over various elements of plant growth compared to other growing methods. Hydroponic crop cultivation provides numerous other benefits, such as increased water saving, lower fertilizer use, and improved disease management.

While the simplicity of an automated greenhouse watering system and enhanced resource saving make hydroponic systems appealing, they require particular management methods to assure performance. With Aqua Ultraviolet’s hydroponic water filter systems, you can grow any kind of cannabis in the environment of your choice.

Pots of cannabis lined up with hydroponic water lines leading to each pot

Why Use an Automated Watering System?

Automated greenhouse watering is vital for cannabis producers with demanding schedules. They are also convenient when leaving your plants alone for several days.

It provides more controlled water directly to the roots, decreasing water waste due to evaporation or erroneous watering. The system not only saves water but may also save you money on your water bills.

Under and overwatering impacts many plants, which can be lethal and make plants more susceptible to disease. An automated watering system for greenhouses results in hardier and more vivid cannabis plants.

Why Do We Need UV Sterilization For Cannabis Cultivation?

To maintain clean water in hydroponic systems and any automated watering system for a greenhouse, UV sterilization works wonders by disinfecting and sterilizing cannabis quickly. Although fungicides and pesticides are widely employed to protect plants from disease, there is still a risk of chemical residue remaining in the plant or water. UV light is an effective method for sterilizing a surface and killing bacteria and other microbes that threaten to harm a crop, including hemp.

The water delivered to the crops can be cleansed by UV light using a hemp water filter, eliminating the need for additional chemicals. These compounds frequently have unintended consequences, such as compromising plant integrity. However, not all UV systems effectively eliminate bacteria and pathogens, so choosing a high-quality solution that uses cutting-edge technology to deliver a concentration of UV is critical.

With years of experience creating top-notch water sterilizing solutions, Aqua Ultraviolet uses cutting-edge technology to deliver the best products. You can trust our UV sterilizers’ quality, dependability, and efficacy for hydroponics, as we are the first UV sterilization manufacturer to receive EPA certification.

Aqua Ultraviolet: Your One-Stop Shop for UV Water Sterilizers

Indoor hydroponic cannabis cultivation is within reach. The hydroponic technique is particularly useful if you have a UV sterilizer in your water line to purify any bacteria or contaminants before the water gets to the plants.

At Aqua Ultraviolet, we’re committed to making sure that the water you feed to your plants remains clean all the time. With years of experience, we’re dedicated to serving cannabis growers with all their planting needs.

Contact our team today to grow your cannabis in the best possible conditions.

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