Aquaponics? What is that?

What is Aquaponics? 

Aquaponics refers to the growing of plants using hydroponics, as well as an aquaculture system. In other words, Aquaponics is essentially a hybrid between growing plants by submerging their roots under water, as well as growing fish which will excrete certain by-products like nitrates, which causes a harmful environment to a conventional aquaculture environment, however, the plants can absorb and use those by-products as nutrients to grow. An Aquaponics system is basically used to recycle waste from fish into nutrients for plants.


How does an Aquaponic System work?

Aquaponics works mainly by recirculating the water, under normal usage and daily operations, the system is required to balance out the nutrients and oxygen levels. By maintaining a consistent environment the fish you are growing and the plants will equal out and provide nutrients for each other to grow successfully and healthy.


Risks & Precautions when having an Aquaponics system.

Like all water-based environments, bacteria, viruses & parasites are always a risk when it comes to growing and caring for living creatures underwater. Having a safeguard and a method for controlling the threat of harmful bacteria is essential for maintaining and growing a healthy Aquaponics environment. One of the best ways to maintain a disease-free water environment includes using UV Sterilization technology. An Ultraviolet Sterilizer (UV Sterilizer) is a type of water treatment recognized by the

Centers For Disease Control (CDC) as a Disinfection type of water filtering, where an Ultraviolet Light passes through water and Kills and Deactivates harmful microorganisms, like bacteria and viruses. Having a good, reliable UV Sterilization unit allows you to properly filter and clean your water.


We always recommend having the correct measures of precaution when dealing with aquatic environments. Find out which UV Sterilization Unit best fits your Aquaponics system by visiting or giving AquaUV a call at (800) 454-2725 


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