Harvesting Rainwater

Basic Water Background
We all learned the basic water cycle when we were younger. The process in which water is naturally moved from the ground or water source through evaporation, relocated and then released as rain, sleet, snow or hail, essentially watering the landscapes it covers. Water is everywhere. It’s inside every living thing, which in turn, makes water a necessity for every living thing. That includes us!

The legality of rainwater harvesting (in the U.S) is categorized into 3: Encouraged, Legal, or Legal with limitations. These limits can include the size of your catchment and storage tank(s) to what you can use this water for.  Overall, harvesting rainwater is more encouraged than not. (Castelo, 2020)
Click here to check out your State and read up on the law where you live.

Why Set Up A Water Harvesting System?
There are many different reasons to set up a rain water harvest system, the most important being water conservation! Rain water can be collected for many uses around your property like watering plants, washing cars, and even washing laundry!
In some states, you can even collect and treat the water for drinking and every day use throughout your home. Home “made” and self-sustained, all the while, saving the earth from further water scarcity. How cool is that!

Harvesting How To:
You will need a few items for a successful rainwater harvest. Whether you are setting up a simple water catcher for your garden or a larger system for greater sustainability, the first and foremost piece of equipment is a catchment system. This is used to collect the rainwater and store it. Your water needs a conveyance system (pipes and such) to move the water, a way to flush out the first rains, a filter and sterilizing system (for larger set ups) and tanks to store the clean water for future use. (Maxwell-Gaines, 2020)

Aqua Ultraviolet is an advocate for water conservation!

Look into our UV sterilizers to inactivate any harmful contaminants that may have made their way into your rainwater supply. Ultraviolet light is effective as water passes through the unit, allowing the UV light to penetrate and inactivate the DNA/RNA of single cell bacteria, viruses, protozoa and much more!
Look in your area to check on the limitations your state holds on rainwater harvest systems! What are you waiting for!?
Aqua Ultraviolet cares about your landscaping water needs!
*You can conserve even further by sterilizing your water for whole house use*

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