How Can Ultraviolet Light Protect Your Pool?

Swimming and other water play is an exciting way to cool off and get some exercise at the same time! Some sun, physical activity and laughter are all advocates for a healthy life. You can spend endless hours in the water with your friends and family, but fun in the sun comes with responsibility, to be worry free. A healthy pool is not only visually clean, but also has an appropriate balance of chemicals that should not overpower your senses. If you care for a pool, you have heard of bacteria such as Giardia, Cryptosporidium and Legionella. Installing a UV Sterilizer will eliminate the bacteria and parasites that cause these illnesses to keep your pool water, and your confidence, crystal clear!

Why is Disinfection of the Pool Important?
Maintaining your level of chlorine or bromine in public pools, and even your private pool at home, is an important first phase of protection against the germs that cause recreational illness. Weekly testing will contribute greatly to the proper care needed for your pool water to be clean and safe for all to enjoy.
Taking the time to monitor your pool’s chemical levels will prevent you from needing to monitor your health later on.
Installing a UV sterilizer will eliminate pathogens and bacteria where chlorine is rendered less effective, and leaves no residual. UV is safe and is a widely used sterilization method for water, air and medical supplies. 

*UV Light penetrates the single cell contaminant and destroys it's DNA/RNA*

How are these illnesses spread and what are the symptoms?

“You can get recreational water illnesses if you swallow, have contact with, or breathe in mists or aerosols from water contaminated with germs…[also] by having contact with chemicals that are in the water or that evaporate from the water and turn into gas in the air.” (CDC, 2020)

Most people who become ill from recreational water experience diarrhea, a cough, eye pain or even skin rashes. When people get into the pool without showering first, they are introducing germs like sweat, fecal matter and whatever else they came into contact with.
Breathing in evaporating chemicals can cause respiratory issues like a cough or congestion amongst other symptoms.

Removing large sticks, pieces of leaves, and other debris out of your pool will help keep your filter free of clutter that can cause problems with equipment and the quality of your cleanliness.
-Showering before entering the pool will eliminate most germs and keep others safe.
-Don’t swim if you are sick, and definitely don’t swim if you have had diarrhea in the previous 14 days.
-Test your pool water weekly to properly balance chemicals to eliminate germs and the risk of illness.
-Install a Swimming Pool UV Sterilizer to provide protection from pathogens that can survive in your properly chlorinated pool, such as Cryptosporidium. (NM Health, p.1)
-Educate friends and family on the importance of keeping the pool clean to keep everyone safe.

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