Tips for Watering Your Cannabis Plants!

Cannabis is a thirsty plant that needs plenty of water to thrive and grow. The amount of water and time in between watering will vary with each stage of cultivation. The specific Strain you are growing can differ the water use and also what type of environment you are growing in. Here are watering tips for a Fantastic Grow!

1. Choose a soil medium suitable for growing Cannabis
“Cannabis likes rich yet airy and “fluffy” types of soils that are well-draining” (Royal Queen Seeds, P.1, 2019). Coco Coir is known to retain water and when mixed with perlite is a great combination to grow Cannabis in!

2. Perlite will allow airflow within the medium
Perlite is the product of natural volcanic glass that has been expanded after enduring extreme heat.  This white, light weight substance (seen in photo above) is added to soil to enhance the structure and create air pockets within your growing medium to help with drainage. “Perlite holds a film of air close to its surface and creates air pockets no matter how wet the growing medium is” (Royal Queen Seeds, P.1, 2017).

3. Proper container size
The container you grow your Cannabis plant in will change from stage to stage as the plant gets large and requires more water and nutrients to thrive. Be sure to transplant your Cannabis into bigger pots as this occurs (Leafly, P.1, 2016).


4. Proper drainage to ensure proper nutrient and water absorption

To assure drainage success, the excess water (runoff) needs a way to escape the container. The suggested amount of runoff should be around 20% of the amount you feed your plant (Royal Queen Seeds, P.1, 2019).  The easiest way to achieve this is using a pot that has holes in the bottom, or making holes yourself in whichever pot you choose, and using a saucer or some type of catcher for the runoff water. This prevents drowning of your Cannabis plants and lowers the chance of mold and root rot destroying your grow.


5. Check the soil!
A good way to see if your Cannabis plant needs more water is checking the top inch of the soil in the pot to see if it is dry. If so, it is probably time to water! With proper drainage and watering techniques this should take no more than about 3 days with large plants. (Royal Queen Seeds, P.1, 2017).

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