THC Thirst – Over VS. Under Watering

Several factors come in to play when it comes to successful Cannabis growth. Just like other flora and vegetation, Cannabis depends on humidity, light, grow medium (soil), nutrients, and you guessed it! WATER! Today we will discuss the different factors that can determine when and how much water to feed your crop and the signs and symptoms your plant will communicate through to tell you if they are over or under watered. Many growers have initial trouble determining the proper amount of water to give their crops and when to water. There is not just one correct way to water, but depending on environmental factors including temperature and humidity, the watering process can differ. Cannabis crops take in their oxygen and water supply through their root system, and you will experience some trial and error to perfect. TIPS
  • Check the top inch of the soil. To avoid overwatering, water your plant when this section is dry.
  • Allow for water runoff from the bottom of the pot to avoid drowning the roots and prevent rot.
  • Check the pH of the water you are giving your plants through a runoff sample. Cannabis crops thrive at around a pretty neutral 6.5 PH.
  • The PPM (parts per million) is the level of nutrients the plants are receiving through the water source. “Cannabis plants prefer a ppm of around 500 when in the vegetative phase, and favor a ppm of around 1000 during the flowering stage of the grow cycle” (Royal Queen Seeds, p.1).
“Too much water can lead to some serious problems for plants and may obstruct oxygen intake. On the other end of the spectrum, too little water can lead to extremely dry conditions that will leave cannabis plants thirsty, eventually causing them to wilt” (Royal Queen Seeds, p.1).
Under Watering, see time lapse of crop coming back to life after being watered (GWE, p.1), (Mickes_Trichs).
  • Drooping plant (lively after watering)
  • Paper thin leaves from lack of water
  • Growing medium (soil) is dry
  • Chronic underwatering leads to yellowing of leaves and nutrient deficiency
  • Death
Over Watering (Haze, GWE, p.1)
  • Curling or clawing of leaves from holding too much water
  • Yellow leaves from nutrient deficiency and lack of oxygen
  • Drooping plant after watering
  • None or not enough runoff from pot after watering
  • Death
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