Cannabis Mold and UV Sterilization

Mold (Bud Rot) in the greenhouse industry is a pest and can damage your entire harvest if it the infestation spreads. Not to mention the serious health problems inhaling or ingesting Marijuana that is infested with Mold can cause. Whether you grow indoors or outdoors, you can take proper steps to ensure you have proper air flow and sterilization throughout your grow cycle to prevent and minimize the chance of a mold break out. Ultraviolet light can help eliminate mold in your greenhouse and with an Ozone option, you can have extra peace of mind to control contamination of your cannabis plants. Organisms that are properly exposed to UV in air or in water are disrupted by the UV light and cannot duplicate or reproduce.

How Does Mold Spread?

Fungus is everywhere and with the right conditions of a damp, warm climate, will reproduce and spread to other plants. While growing, “Bud rot starts inside your bud and is not visible, but as it grows, it produces discoloration, yellow, white, brown, and black spots. As the disease takes over, the spots may turn darker.” (Seldon, p.1, 2019). During Storage, you must make sure your cannabis is properly dried and stored in a cool, dark place and packed tight to lessen the amount of moisture and oxygen that is needed for mold to grow. The air must also be regularly exchanged for new air by opening up the storage jar or bag. (Seldon, p.1, 2019).

Causes of Mold: -Wet growing and storage conditions -Inaccurate humidity level -Poor ventilation -Incorrect watering -Ill-advised storage environments and containers

How Does Mold affect Human Health?

Smoking or ingesting moldy weed can cause a variety of symptoms such as a cough, asthma attack, breathing difficulties, pneumonia, LUNG INFECTIONS, vomiting, diarrhea, erratic heartbeat, and headaches. In extreme circumstances, moldy weed can cause death. TIPS
  • Use a UV air sterilizer to rid bacteria, viruses and mold spores from the air.
  • Use a humidifier to keep the humidity at the proper level.
  • Water your Cannabis plants properly.
  • Utilize complete air circulation.
  • Use a floor mat and booties for your shoes to minimize contamination from the outside environments.
  • Keep grow area in prime condition.

Why Use Aqua Ultraviolet Air Sterilizers?

Hospitals have been utilizing UV-C lights for disinfecting equipment, rooms and air within vents much like how our units operate (Engel, p.1, 2018). Aqua UV is the leading manufacturer for UV sterilizers. Our air sterilizers come with an ozone option or without, which will elevate the removal of odor, bacteria and viruses that are common in grow areas and help control the spread of mold spores. Aqua Ultraviolet Supports the Cannabis industry and Growers universally! Our advanced ultraviolet technologies ensure the best possible air and water filtration solution across all applications! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @aquauv ! What Makes Aqua Ultraviolet different is
  • No Minimum Order Requirements
  • Most Items Ship Within 24 Hours
  • Live Technical Support directly from our office.
  • We manufacture our patented products from our California location.
  • We directly handle warranty issues for you.
  • Unmatched filter performance.
  • Small and Large units for Ponds, Pool and Spa use, as well.
  • We offer unparalleled fresh drinking water products.
  • Installation videos and manuals are on our website.
  • Complete UV line, including a compact 400 Watt unit for larger installations.
  • All UV’s have a blue cap that indicates the lamp is operating.
  • We have the longest lamp life on the market, 14 months.
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