Stainless Steel Unit Parts


Keep your Aqua Ultraviolet systems performing at their peak with genuine stainless steel unit parts. Designed for the stainless steel drinking water unit, stainless steel SL units, and stainless steel classic units, these parts are the heartbeat of your sterilizer’s durability and efficiency.

Whether it’s the nuts and bolts that hold your system together, the precision-cut gaskets that seal the deal, or the sturdy flanges, each component is engineered to the highest standards.

Every filter and sterilizer from Aqua Ultraviolet comes equipped with these high-quality parts, but we know that over time they may need to be replaced for one reason or another. That’s why we offer these replacement parts—to ensure your unit continues working just as well as the day you first turned it on.

For those who need to replace multiple parts of their unit, direct your journey to our miscellaneous items product category. With Aqua Ultraviolet, you can expect seamless integration, steadfast service, and water that’s beyond clean—it’s pure.

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Available Stainless Steel Unit Parts:

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(PN: A40158) Stainless Steel Unit Nut for Bolt for Flange
(PN: A40157) Stainless Steel Unit Bolt for Flange
(PN: A40141) Stainless Steel Unit Gasket for Flange
(PN: A40120) Stainless Steel Flange (Wiper Flange)

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